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1. Copyright

Everything written on this site that is by Zy Elisha Danielson (hereinafter referred to as Zy) is copyright © by Zy Elisha Danielson, whether explicitly stated or not. This includes but is not limited to:

This does not include anything written by others in our community. What you write is yours. Zy will not use it in any way without your permission.


2. Zy's Intent to Publish Books

Zy's channel functions best when focused on someone he cares about. He cares about you, elishans, and friends of elishans everywhere. When you take a Journey here, whether solitary or a Journey with Zy, you help to open Zy's heart so that the replies are the best he can give. The fact that these moments are captured by our website makes it easier for Zy to gather material for books and ebooks that further the Teachings of Elisha.

Some of your own stories and comments may be invaluable to this publishing endeavor. Zy will not use anything you say or post on the site without your permission. However, be sure he will be grateful whenever you feel you are able to say "yes" to such a request. In such a case, your identity will never be disclosed in any form of publication.


3. Your Comments, the Portal, and Paths

Your Paths belong to you. These Journeys consist of any Paths you start in the Portal and any comments you make on any page of the website. In Comments, you are asked to respect another individual's Journey, and not to take over the scope, content, or intent of the OP (original poster). When reading a comment you are a guest in a private and personal part of another person's life. We ask that you show proper respect and loving care when you post a comment or reply anywhere on the website.

Likewise, if you notice something that someone has posted in reply to one of your comments that isn't something you are comfortable with, please contact Zy or a community moderator. We will edit or remove any words that deviate from your original intent and purpose for sharing a part of your Journey here.

We invite you to add your own thoughts, experiences, and insights to someone else's Journey. We all learn from each other, and there is no predicting if your words may be exactly what the OP is looking for. They may also speak to someone else reading the comments. Wisdom is precious. Let's spread the wealth!


4. Disclaimer

Any advice given by Zy, the Oracle, or channeled from Elisha is not meant to replace professional advice or services, be they legal, medical, psychological, or any other sphere of life. Please consult professionals when you need professional advice. The information provided by Zy is to enhance your spiritual perspective, increase your vision, and enrich your personal Journey.