My blog and the landing page of the elishans website. Here I share weekly, sometimes daily, thoughts and insights as I travel many paths with my guide, Elisha. There really is so much to See both here in the physical world and in the hidden realms beyond our physical senses. Great mystery abides, everywhere. Here there be dragons in the uncharted waters of the teachings of Elisha.

You will find a Comments section at the end of every article here and almost everywhere else on the site. I want to know your thoughts and insights as we travel our inner worlds together. You may post anonymously, or register with the community here and post with your username and your very own avatar ─ a small iconic picture that helps express who you are.

Come, journey with me!
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Here I write and publish a Lunation Letter with each New Moon. I study the astrological chart of the New Moon as if it were a birth chart, describing the lessons of a lifetime that would begin on the eve of that New Moon. Elisha says:

The human species on your planet has reached a point of spiritual evolution where it is no longer enough to live just one lifetime in a single life span. You must show them how to perform the miracle of successive reincarnation, as I have taught you.

He is referring to the wondrous myth of the Phoenix, an immortal bird that exists in the stories of every culture on earth in one form or another. Only it is not a myth at all. It was a promise of things to come, a time that has arrived here and now, today. I have lived many lifetimes over the span of my 63 years at the time of this writing. The Phoenix Miracle is a way of life for me. Yet I have never encountered a "how to" manual with step-by-step instructions on how, exactly, to live the life of a Phoenix. It is a process I'll help you explore if you're willing to take a Lunation Journey with me and the Moon, every month. We'll be born together with a new birth chart with each New Moon. In just one year we'll experience a lifetime in every sign of the zodiac!

Dane Rudhyar, one of the greatest astrologers and philosophers of the 20th century wrote about the Lunation Cycle. I will employ some of his ideas and methods in our Lunation Journeys. You can read more about that here.

Though the lunation journey is largely a solitary journey ─ one that is between yourself, your guides, and/or any higher power you may believe in ─ it is often nice to share the wisdom and insight you are gaining with others. You can do that right here in the elishans community by replying to the Lunation Letter with a comment. You may also ask questions about your lunation journey as you travel it day-by-day, and phase-by-phase of the Moon. I will read every comment you post and answer every question as best I can. I will also be sharing my own comments on my lunation journey as the Moon progresses through her phases during each lunation cycle.
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Some of you may remember the "good old days" in Astronet on AOL where folks gathered in the chat room every night. The atmosphere was warm, friendly, and tinged with excitement. HostANDance—Dancer, my chat cohost, who has since moved on from this physical life—greeted people as they came in to the room. Then HostAnZy—yours truly, on my AOL screen name as a Host in Astronet—would arrive in a chariot of fire!  Friendly chat continued for a few minutes until Dancer announced that I was getting ready to give readings. The chat died suddenly. You could hear a pin drop on the floor! And Dancer would say: Type your name to the screen now if you would like a reading from Zy.

Baroom! Twenty to thirty, sometimes forty or more screen names would appear furiously on the screen, accompanied by laughter and good cheer. Dancer then started with the first name and took them in order for as long as I was up to more readings that night. The person she called upon would ask a question and I would cast an Oracle that gave a Planet in a Sign in a House. I would then interpret what that combination of oracular symbolism might mean in relation to the question being asked.

There were many very good astrologers and metaphysicians in the room besides me. After my brief reading, they would chime in with additional insights and interpretations. Then we would move along to the next person on the list.

It was great fun as well as often quite touching as the Oracle did its work. And now it is time for this wonderful journey to continue. Oracles will be an ongoing space where I will show questions asked by people who participate in or visit the elishan community, followed by a reading similar to the ones I gave in the days of Astronet on America Online. I will cast an oracle and give the Planet in the Sign in the House the oracle declares, and then make an interpretation for all to read. I invite all of you to chime in with your own interpretations and insights by posting a comment on any oracle page. And just like that, we're off on the great Oracle Journey again, all of us together, right here on elishans. Only now you don't have to wait until a chat room is open, for Oracles will be here 24/7.

You may ask a question or state a circumstance similar to the way it was done in the old Dear Abby column of letters. You may use any name or phrase you wish to be called by to ask your question. This will protect your privacy in case your question is of a private nature. I expect the same miracles will happen here as we saw all the time in Astronet, when someone would say, "I didn't get a reading tonight, but I did have a question. The interesting thing is that my question got answered just by listening to the readings as they happened!"
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Reiki is a method of spiritual healing based on metaphysical concepts. I am a level III Reiki Master. It is my belief that Reiki should be taught to everyone in early childhood and that the world would be a better place if Reiki was practiced at any first sign of physical, emotional, mental, psychological, or spiritual distress or dis-ease. Consequently, it is my intention that anyone who wishes to receive Reiki should easily find a practitioner or method or way to receive it. And that anyone who wishes to send Reiki to another living being should easily learn the principles and methods of doing so. In this section of the website, I will provide exactly that: a way to receive Reiki when you need it, a way for you to send Reiki when anyone you know and love─or even complete strangers─are in need. I will teach as many people as are willing to learn how to send and receive Reiki, and how to use Reiki methods for physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. Visit this section of the site to begin this wonderful journey or to enhance your own Reiki journey if you have already begun.
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Frequently asked questions and answers as pertains to elishans, how the site works, what we do here, and other basic things. You'll learn a little bit about me there and my guide Elisha. The FAQ page also has a place for comments at the end so that you may ask other questions not covered. This section will grow with time as the elishan community grows.
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The page you are reading now.
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From time to time I know I will run into things I want to include in elishans but don't know exactly where to put them. "The River" is a special place I created to keep things that have no other space of their own as they flow along solitary journeys to the sea.
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This is where you enter the Inner Circle elishans. It is also where you go to join the community. Membership is free. There are quite a few benefits to joining, not least of which is to establish your own identity and image by creating your own profile. You may choose a generic avatar or upload one of your own. Once you have registered a member name, no one else but you can use it thereafter in comments and community interaction. You decide who sees which parts of your profile with privacy settings. Once you are logged in you will see the two hidden menu items described below.
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[When you are logged in] An area where you can see which other members are online. You can contact other members similar to making friends in Facebook, read the parts of their profiles they have made available, send and receive private messages with each other. This is where a deeper sense of community is built and where members experience a greater connection together. There will be a search section here in the near future where you can find other members based on criteria you type in.
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[When you are logged in] The Portal leads to a special place where you will have the opportunity to create private Paths to your dreams and goals, and walk them with me and Elisha. We will have constant contact here and should you decide to take lessons from me on Reiki, Astrology, the Elishan Method of Coaching, Divination and Oracles, or other metaphysical subjects and endeavors, this is where we will have our private one-on-one space to work together. And, for as long as I'm able to do it, this service is offered free!  In fact, everything you see on this website is also free. Elisha's and my gift to all of you.
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[At the bottom of every page] Comments are the heart of our community. You will see a comments section at the bottom of almost every page and article on the website. I like to think of what is happening here as a continuous, interlinked, and interwoven dialog. I hope you will comment often and everywhere you have a thought or idea to contribute. Feel free to ask questions. Get involved!
      You may login and comment under your member name or logout and comment anonymously. You may use different names when you are not logged in, i.e., on the site as a visitor. I will ask that you not use the name of one of our members. Member comments will be accompanied by their chosen avatars. If an anonymous comment is made under a registered member name it will be edited by a moderator to "Anonymous."
      Please be civilized and kind when making comments and/or responding to other comments someone else has made. Comments deemed inappropriate may be hidden or removed.
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May all your pathways be filled with Love and Light and your heart with Joy and Laughter.

Journey On!

~ Zy