Privacy Policy


Cookies are small data files that websites can write to your hard drive when you visit them. Once written, the cookie can only be accessed by the site that originally created it. Our site uses cookies to store information relevant to your membership, only if you check the "Remember me" box when you login. This allows our forum to store information such as your preferences, etc.



Membership to the site is equivalent to membership in the elishans forum. You are only asked your name, your username, a password, and an email address. You may use your real name or an alias, at your choice. Regardless, your username is all that will ever display to the community. No one but the site administrator will ever see the name that you entered during registration.


Your Email Address

Your email address is required in order for us to be sure you own the email by which you have registered with our forum. Your email address is never shared with anyone and never sold or given away. Our database is secure and your email address is totally safe with us. No one will ever see your email address except the site administrator.

Your email address is also used to keep you informed of any updates to topics or forum categories you have requested to follow. If you make no such requests, no emails are sent.



Zy has plans for a newsletter at some point in the future. The email addresses the newsletter uses will be be separate from your membership email address. The same safety and privacy guarantees will be in place. Your membership email address will not automatically be signed up for a newsletter or anything else you do not specifically request.


Your Privacy ...

... is very important to us. Please let us know if there is something we haven't thought of to make you feel more safe and secure.