Can I retire or leave this job in the near future?


Question asked by: Tami
Background information: I am soon to be 57 but my physical health concerns me. I am open to an early retirement but have to be ready financially first.

Mars in Capricorn in the 4th House—Seven Stones of Light

The tricky part of your question is the vague reference to "in the near future." I think you are not only concerned with physical health, but also beginning to feel an eagerness for retirement. This is a good thing. But this Oracle leads me to believe we should explore not only elements of timing but the sphere of action in which you should begin work immediately. Yes, immediately. That's Mars. But isn't it curious that Mars appears in your Oracle at a time when Mars is Retrograde? It also shows up under the oracle sign of Capricorn; Mars in Capricorn can often feel exactly like Mars Rx itself, which is expressed in the disgruntling aphorism, "Hurry up and wait!" However, don't be disgruntled. I think the main thrust off this oracle is "Hurry up and don't wait." But ... hurry up with what, exactly? And Herein lies the key.

Step back with me for a moment, if you will, into an older time and place, when societies were less patriarchal and the value of an Elder was truly appreciated for the miracle that it is. Pagans called this the time of Cronehood, but don't go to the dictionary to find the meaning of this word. You must go much deeper and further back. The dictionary says a crone is a "witchlike, old woman." Well, yes. And no. NO, if that idea summons up the picture of an ugly old woman, cross-eyed, with warts and green skin, wearing a smelly black robe and a tall, crooked hat, standing next to a roaring fire and stirring "eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog" into a rusty old cauldron, cackling with laughter and chanting ancient, evil spells. Quite a tarnished image that is. But powerful. Let's go further back, keeping the power, but getting rid of the fearful connotations. An old woman the crone is, certainly, crackling with power and wisdom. The rest of it, well, meh.

Seven Stones of Light is the time of Dawn. You are standing at the dawn of your rightful entryship to cronehood. But let's take a new canvas and paint the rest of that picture with new pigments and hues. What will you do with the harnessed power and insight of a life long lived? The 4th House is also a feminine image that indicates privacy, nurturing, and the Home. Do you know that you have immense power flowing through your veins, enlightenment in your aging eyes, and the crackle of creation emanating from your entire body, ready to be directed by your tongue and speech, by the direction of your pointing fingers? If you do, you're in good shape. If you don't, you've got some work to do. Energetic, passionate Inner Work. And therein lies the direction of the mystery of retrograde and the coming of age of an Elder of the tribe.

Don't wait. Start now. Build up a visualization of what "retirement" will look like. What will you DO in the relative seclusion of your home? What dreams will you nurture? What power will you wield and how will you wield it? Start visualizing this right now and not just in terms of planning "outer things" but by delving into inner mysteries. Claim your right to what our society has largely forgotten and buried in time under a derogatory mantle of fear.

Retrograde Mars, in Capricorn, in the 4th House. Sit still in the privacy of your home and without any movement at all, do somethingPrepare. Not only is something wonderful coming, the dawn of a new time for you is here. Right now. Visualize it. See it clearly. Call it to you, as is your right, sacred one.

The structure you create in your heart is the reality you will experience in your "retirement." What a silly word for what an Elder does when an Elder knows what he or she actually is! 

Are you ready for what you are becoming? Is the world ready for you?  To be honest, I sincerely hope not. Surprise us all, dear one. Do something unexpected and wonderful!