Should I start this new medicine?


Question asked by: Anne
Background information: My doctor recommended I take a medication which is new to me.  For first one reason, and then another, I have avoided taking it.  I am afraid of it.  Should I begin taking it and will it hurt me?

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your question. It is important to know that I do not give medical advice. It is necessary that you consult your doctor or get a second opinion from another doctor if you are unsure of your primary care physician's advice. That said, I am willing to cast an oracle here to help you with spiritual considerations only. Please read the disclaimer (item #4) along with the full Terms of Use of this website. I have changed the submission form of "Ask the Oracle" so that anyone submitting a question in the future will be fully aware of this agreement, and it is under this agreement that i post the following Oracle and interpretation.

Very truly yours,

Saturn in Virgo in the 8th House—Twelve Stones of Light

You are experiencing a desire to be in control of your body. Bones and knees are causing you pain. However, karma dictates that you are also reaping the consequence of long term decisions and patterns of living your life. Have you been too brittle and unbending? In what ways and areas of your life? Always, when dealing with karma, it is wise to step back and learn to accept and appreciate lessons that are sometimes delivered with a certain level of pain involved. The intensity of desire to be in control often indicates a need to let go of that very control you are seeking. That said, remember that you are ultimately in charge of your body, no one else. Consider your doctors to be part of a team involved in decision making. Your health matters are very important. However the Oracle finding itself in the 8th house is where you feel a need to be psychically aware of all things and options being considered. Thus medical treatments involving drugs are only the input of one factor in the overall health considerations being explored. Trust your instincts in this exploration. But don't stop at one or two ideas. The 8th House also often indicates there are hidden factors needing to be brought to light. The Oracle falling in 12 Stones of this very Light indicates you have within your grasp the intelligence and enlightenment needed to make these decisions. Uncover all your options. Get 2nd and 3rd opinions if they are available. But trust your own insight to lead you to the right path for you to follow. Your psychic perceptions are strong and accurate in this matter. Consider all kinds of therapeutic approaches available to you, not just any one thing. Gather and organize the information you discover. And ultimately, trust yourself to remain at the tiller that steers your ship.