Question asked by: Marye
Background information: talk about starting anew
moving north -up by Seattle.  

Saturn in Libra in the 12th House—Eleven Stones of Light

This move carries with it a definite feeling of fate. Take it very seriously and accept responsibility for it, even if it may feel as if you have very little choice in the matter. This move is fundamentally karmic in nature. Something wonderful is coming, waiting in the darkness of creation and rebirth for a great illumination of Light. Take care of practical matters but be cautious. Should any fear surface, breathe deeply and master it. Keep your boundaries in tact, but realize that even if you would like to be in control of all matters, this is a time to let go and let god or goddess or whatever guides and higher powers you may believe in. You will form new relationships, but many will surface from and become illuminated from a deep, karmic past. You are transcending yourself as you have known yourself. This is a true phoenix experience.

Use the upcoming Mercury Rx period to stay in touch with your inner world. This is vastly important in order for you to embrace a future that is at once ancient and new.