Should I Refocus my job search or will the position I interviewed for last month come through?

Question asked by: Arlene
Background information: I had what seemed like a great interview and it seemed I would be a good fit for the company. They were not sure they were going to create the position, though. 

Mars in Capricorn in the 5th House—Two Stones of Light

Take action. Go after what  you want. Thrust your energy into the outer world. The Oracle agrees that this would be a good fit for the company. However, there may be some delay before eventual success will be realized. Use your Mars energy, but in a disciplined and patient manner. It takes great maturity to do this. Consider the long haul, focusing on what makes you shine. But don't forget to have fun in the process. Be playful on the inside, creative on the outside. It's also worth noting that we are about to enter a period of Mercury Retrograde. Be aware of the inner side of things when following up on this opportunity. Do your inner work before moving in an outer way. Should I summarize all this in two words, I'd say this prospect looks good, but possibly not yet.

If you decide to refocus your job search, the Oracle gives:
Jupiter in Capricorn in the 4th House, Ten Stones of Light.

Trust your Luck. Have faith in your capacity to manage, organize, work. Stay close to home or perhaps even work from home. The foundations you need are already laid. Use the upcoming Mercury Rx period to reflect on growth and expansion. Consider reorganizing what you know to teach, or write and publish.

Then there is always another possibility. Have you considered working in Real Estate?

All in all, don't give up on what you have already interviewed for, but don't sit still while you wait!