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The Virgo Lunation

The Virgo Lunation

The Forge of the Gods - Creating Inner Change

 Journey Specific Dates as referenced in The Lunation Guide.
New Moon
Solar Eclipse
Mercury is Rx
Thu─September 1, 2016
First Quarter Moon Fri─September 9, 2016
Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse
Fri─September 16, 2016
Last Quarter Moon
Mercury Stations Direct
Fri─September 23, 2016

                                      Click here to see the chart of the Virgo New Moon.

As a Virgo phoenix, our goal is to perfect ourselves through serving a high ideal. Work in the world and work on yourself are important, as is service in all its forms. Virgo's style is quiet, unassuming, efficient, detailed, analytical, anxious, critical, innocent, withheld. A useful image: to get a feeling for the qualities of Virgo, think about someone who makes and repairs watches - craftsman-like, perfectionistic, detail-oriented, patient, repair-oriented, solitary. Virgo requires a discriminating attitude: pick the best and discard the rest. [1]

A note on how to read the following sections (The Path, Challenges & Opportunities, and The Gifts). Astrological information is written in this color. Unless you are an astrologer, you may ignore these subtitles. They are there for my own research and for any astrologer who may want to verify my work or understand how I arrived at the interpretations that follow them.
      Astrologers may click here for a brief commentary on the dwads, and how I use them.
      The interpretations themselves are written in black, my goal being to achieve an explanation in plain English of what is "written in the stars" in the chart of the New Moon. Sometimes I achieve this goal better than others. If you have questions, please ask them in the comments section that follows at the bottom of the page.

What begins with the new moon swells to the full.
Here are some things to consider when traveling this Moon's Journey:

_The Path_

  • The Lunation occurs on a Leo Path
    This lends spiritual significance that adds the qualities and nuances of Leo─sometimes subtly, sometimes less so─to everything that follows. Rather than list those qualities here, I have taken them into consideration in the following descriptions.

_Challenges & Opportunities_

  • Mercury is Retrograde until the Last Quarter Moon. But even when Mercury stations direct, it's regular forward motion will not be felt in this Lunation Cycle. And that's a very good thing! It is time to look within, fearlessly and with great expectations. Our inner self is heated by a great forge of Light that originates from so far inside of us that we can't readily see it. Yet it is there, and it is the key to karmic changes we could not otherwise hope to make.
  • Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter (Virgo dwad Leo 12th) This conjunction opens up a thirst for esoteric and spiritual knowledge. The specific pull is to explore the highest and most perfect ideal of healing. For me, this has always been Reiki, healing that comes from direct connection to Spirit and divine Light. You may feel a need for a cleansing of the Soul and not know how to go about it. My suggestion is to commit to some process through which you can learn about this branch of the hidden mysteries. I have begun this Moon cycle with a commitment to teach Reiki to all who wish to learn it. I am composing apps and articles that teach the fundamentals of Reiki on an experiential level. I will take you through the processes of sending and receiving Reiki and, if you wish to take this to a deeper level, you may ask to receive a Reiki 1 and 2—or even 3—attunement. Become a member of the elishan community, then explore the Portal and create a Path. All my teaching, spiritual, and metaphysical coaching is done in the Portal. It is free and available to anyone who has a sincere commitment to learn. Will you connect with me there and begin this magnificent Journey?
  • Saturn (Sagittarius dwad Aries 5th) square Neptune (Pisces dwad Cancer 5th) This first side of the mutable t-square affecting us continues a challenge from last month, a conflict between a need for structure and a need to dream, the need to manage and control vs. a desire to relax and flow. Here is an image for you. Instead of thinking of this as a conflict, think of the power of molding molten steel. The raw iron is heated to great temperatures (fire) in order to remove impurities, and then cooled suddenly (water) to form a substance that did not formerly exist. This is the same sort of power with which mankind conquered the outer world, refined and focused on the inner world where many ills and habits can be brought to Light and healed. The power of the inner child is brought back into play in these degrees, so imagine with abandon a greater future you now have the power to create.
  • Lunation (Virgo dwad Sagittarius 4th) square Saturn (Sagittarius dwad Aries 5th) The other side of the mutable t-square is composed of earth and fire. Virgo's earthy goal of perfecting itself through serving a high ideal is heated by Saturn, the anvil, ablaze with the internal fire of creation. Something new will come of this if you let it, if you are willing to explore your inner world relentlessly, liberating your inner child from the constrictions normally imposed by a well-meaning desire for protection. Your inner child is practically invulnerable this month. Set it free!
  • Lunation (Virgo dwad Sagittarius 4th) opposes Neptune (Pisces dwad Cancer 5th) The long opposition of the t-square echos the theme of protection vs. freedom. We are restless from habitual patterns holding back our natural ability to flow with intuition into places unknown. Indeed, the "Final Frontier" isn't out there in space, it is inside us, in our inner space. Have the courage to explore it. Be fearless. Let go.
  • Saturn (Sagittarius dwad Aries 5th) is the Forge of of the Gods itself, the focal point of the t-square. Slow as Saturn tends to be, we should not expect rewards for our efforts. But we may count on long term, lasting results, many of which we will not see for six months or more down the road. This is further reinforced by the two eclipses mentioned below.
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse (Virgo dwad Sagittarius 4th) and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces dwad Sagittarius 10th)
    Eclipses are like exclamation points added to the end of a lunation sentence. An eclipse is a solar stamp that marks a particular Lunation as having longer lasting effects than the single lunar month we usually consider. Emphasis is determined by the Houses affected. To get a very specific interpretation, you would have to look at your own astrological chart and note the Houses where these two points are found 9º Virgo 21' and 24º Pisces 19' for the New and Full Moons, respectively. However, in terms of our Virgo phoenix incarnations, we can look at the dwad Houses which are the 4th and 10th as a generalization for us all. The 4th-10th axis involves the polarity of home vs. work, habit vs. professional training, and personal security vs. real-world job security. All these things will be important this month. In some cases people may feel forced to make decisions between one or the other. But because of the Mercury Rx that will permeate the entire Lunation, I would caution anyone who feels faced with such choices. In the summary portion of this article, I will touch on the kinds of decisions we should be making and those we may want to avoid, at least until a week or two after Mercury is direct again.

_The Gifts_

Wherever there is conflict and challenge in life, we are also given gifts that help us through them. We find the gifts in two places: from within, where our greatest creativity is located, and from the world─Gaia, the Mother─where we may be receptive to what we can cultivate, to orient ourselves to the mundane.

  • Dwad Sign and House of Sun and Moon (Virgo dwad Sagittarius 4th)
    Me─Our Greatest Creativity this month is a dynamic journey into the heart of the self. It is an inner journey, not an outer one. It isn't necessary to change what you are doing, but rather prefer to focus on who you are—who and what you have been up until nowwith certainty that the inner clay you are made of is malleable once again: you can mold yourself into anything you would rather be. Do it with healing and the forgiveness of innocence from your innermost and most high Self.
  • Dwad Sign and House of Earth (Pisces dwad Gemini 4th)
    The World─Our Greatest Receptivity. Focus on being receptive to inner-focused, intuitive thinking. And remember this: the very worst thing you can do this month is nothing. Don't get mired down in confusion or ambivalence. That swamp only leads to a fast-sucking quick-sand that makes everything worse. Don't sink and don't be afraid, either: make decisions! You have a great, personal power available to you this lunar month. Bring everything you encounter "home." By that, I mean look closely and intuitively at how it affects you deep in your psychological roots. Then remember that change is afoot. Discriminate. Reject the effects of anything you don't like. Make intuitive decisions and be strong and resolute in the direction such thought leads you. Transform what you don't like with the healing power of Light, knowledge, and inner-understanding.

In summary I want to talk a little about making decisions this month. There are some types of decisions you can't afford to not make. These concern everything that confronts you on a feeling and instinctual level—but—only as it relates to your inner world. You can—and should—be very picky and discriminate anything that strikes you on an instinctual, intuitive, or emotional level, saying a definite YES or NO to its right to exist and persist in your inner world. But be more careful about decisions involving outer world commitments, business decisions, contractual obligations, and that sort of thing. I would encourage you to also decide things about your health, daily routines and habits, and your body. Yet when it comes to decisions that bind you to other people, commitments, or outer world obligations, put that decision off until October, whenever possible. When you must make such outer world decisions because they can't be put off or postponed, consider every possible outcome in your imagination first. Inform other people of your decision on the inner before you discuss it with them on the outer. Mercury Rx is not to be feared. Yet keeping to this kind of respect for the nature of Mercury Rx Time will prove beneficial.

A couple ways you might look at this Lunation

  1. You might want to consider what it would mean to leave yourself behind─the self you know so well─in order to accept a new incarnation into the sign of Cancer. What would it be like to be reborn with this New Moon, seeing everything in your life through new filters from the chart you were born with and the personality you have developed through the years. Elisha calls this the principle of multiple incarnations within a single lifetime. Stick with me and Elisha for a year of such Journeys and you will experience what it means to be born into every sign of the Zodiac.

  2. You might wish to study The Lunation Guide and consider that possibly certain lessons are given to us on a planetary level with each New Moon. By following the principles Dane Rudhyar outlined in his classic work The Lunation Cycle , discover what those lessons are. Don't miss the opportunity for spiritual growth that every lunation brings!

Whichever way you choose to experience it, I hope you will leave comments below
sharing your Journey with the Moon through this Cancer Lunation cycle.