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The Leo Lunation

The Leo Lunation

A Lunation of  Creative Self-Expression.

 Journey Specific Dates as referenced in The Lunation Guide.
New Moon Tue─August 2, 2016
First Quarter Moon Wed─August 10, 2016
Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse
Thu─August 18, 2016
Last Quarter Moon Wed─August 24, 2016
Mercury Rx Begins Wed─August 31, 2016

                                      Click here to see the chart of the Leo New Moon.

As a Leo phoenix, our great wish is to express ourselves creatively and grandly in such a manner that the world will recognize who and what we are in every way. In fact, we would love nothing more than to royally entertain the world with our presence and receive applause and gratifying recognition for the performance. But are we "good enough" to deserve the things we are seeking? That very question lies at the heart of the blessings of this lunation. The answer, of course is yes. We DO.

A note on how to read the following sections (The Path, Challenges & Opportunities, and The Gifts). Astrological information is written in this color. Unless you are an astrologer, you may ignore these subtitles. They are there for my own research and for any astrologer who may want to verify my work or understand how I arrived at the interpretations that follow them.
      Astrologers may click here for a brief commentary on the dwads, and how I use them.
      The interpretations themselves are written in black, my goal being to achieve an explanation in plain English of what is "written in the stars" in the chart of the New Moon. Sometimes I achieve this goal better than others. If you have questions, please ask them in the comments section that follows at the bottom of the page.

What begins with the new moon swells to the full.
Here are some things to consider when traveling this Moon's Journey:

_The Path_

  • The Lunation occurs on a Leo Path
    This lends spiritual significance that adds the qualities and nuances of Leo─sometimes subtly, sometimes less so─to everything that follows. Rather than list those qualities here, I have taken them into consideration in the following descriptions.

_Challenges & Opportunities_

  • Lunation (Leo dwad Sagittarius 5th) inconjunct Neptune (Pisces dwad Cancer 5th) This is a call for adjustment between the ego self and the soul. These two things are not so much in conflict as they sometimes are, but rather leaning towards either one will produce a need for the other. Here we are, expressing ourselves in this great Leo adventure, and yet unable to totally identify with the self image that has always been familiar to us. There is a haunting pull towards that less defined and more innocent, eternal self that is on an adventure of its own, that we know less about and are unsure how to express it at all. The trick here is to allow both manifestations of self to coexist, even when that coexistence is somewhat difficult to discern.
  • Lunation (Leo dwad Sagittarius 5th) trine Saturn (Sagittarius dwad Pisces 4th) This aspect is a gift of confidence to help us with the adjustment just mentioned above. This confidence removes the difficulty and replaces it with an ease that is a great blessing. All we have to do is accept it.

  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Aquarius dwad Sagittarius 11) This Full Moon will signal social changes for us all. The changes could be in the way we relate to social groups, our friends and colleagues. This will be an even stronger "report card" than Full Moon's usually are. Pay close attention to lessons you have been learning or, in some cases, not learning. This Moon announces changes that will affect our friendships and our future goals.
  • Saturn (Sagittarius dwad Pisces 4th) square Neptune (Pisces dwad Cancer 5th) This continues a challenge from last month, a conflict between a need for structure and a need to dream, the need to manage and control vs. a desire to relax and flow. We are learning to let go of our need for security and trust in the higher powers that are acting in our lives.

_The Gifts_

Wherever there is conflict and challenge in life, we are also given gifts that help us through them. We find the gifts in two places: from within, where our greatest creativity is located, and from the world─Gaia, the Mother─where we may be receptive to what we can cultivate, to orient ourselves to the mundane.

  • Dwad Sign and House of Sun and Moon (Leo dwad Sagittarius 5th)
    Me─Our Greatest Creativity this month is blessed with vision and insight that makes the ego self larger, easily transcending its boundaries and finding itself reflected in the world; it makes the large self─Soul─more accessible and less mysterious than it might be at other times in our lives. We are standing at a junction where the large and the small come naturally together, the gulf that separates them strangely absent for a time.
  • Dwad Sign and House of Earth (Aquarius dwad Gemini 5th)
    The World─Our Greatest Receptivity comes from a growing understanding that our uniqueness does not separate us from the world but rather easily connects us to the part we are here to play. The inner self, the child self, communicates easily with both ourselves and others, and it is through that communication and self-expression that the world begins to change.

Like a breath of fresh air, we learn our songs by singing, we master the steps of the great dance by dancing. This lunar month is one of our days in the Sun. Enjoy it for the celebration it is.

On the very last day of this lunar month, Mercury will station retrograde once again. This prepares us for the more inward focus of the month to come, a time of healing and introspection.

A couple ways you might look at this Lunation

  1. You might want to consider what it would mean to leave yourself behind─the self you know so well─in order to accept a new incarnation into the sign of Cancer. What would it be like to be reborn with this New Moon, seeing everything in your life through new filters from the chart you were born with and the personality you have developed through the years. Elisha calls this the principle of multiple incarnations within a single lifetime. Stick with me and Elisha for a year of such Journeys and you will experience what it means to be born into every sign of the Zodiac.

  2. You might wish to study The Lunation Guide and consider that possibly certain lessons are given to us on a planetary level with each New Moon. By following the principles Dane Rudhyar outlined in his classic work The Lunation Cycle , discover what those lessons are. Don't miss the opportunity for spiritual growth that every lunation brings!

Whichever way you choose to experience it, I hope you will leave comments below
sharing your Journey with the Moon through this Cancer Lunation cycle.