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The Gemini Lunation

The Gemini Lunation

A Lunation of Shifts and Changes

 Journey Specific Dates as referenced in The Lunation Guide.
New Moon
Mars is Rx
Sat─June 4, 2016
First Quarter Moon Sun─June 12, 2016
Full Moon Mon─June 20, 2016
Last Quarter Moon
Mars Rx Ends
Mon─June 27, 2016
Wed─June 29, 2016

                                      Click here to see the chart of the Gemini New Moon.

Once again I am very late getting this lunation letter posted. It seemed it would be just a matter of sheer discipline to get it done and that I would do it more for posterity than for giving people─myself included─a guide to make the lunar month easier. However, now that I am finally at the point of posting, I am seeing quite clearly that sometimes we cannot know in advance what only becomes clear as we experience the steps of our lives, no matter how halting they may sometimes seem.

With that said, let's examine some of the things we've been dealing with since the Lunation began. 

What begins with the new moon swells to the full.
Here are some things to consider when traveling this Moon's Journey:

  • The Lunation occurs on a Leo Path
    This lends spiritual significance that adds the qualities and nuances of Leo─sometimes subtly, sometimes less so─to everything that follows. Rather than list those qualities here, I have taken them into consideration in the following descriptions.

  • Mars is Rx until after the Last Quarter Moon
    Outer things are still moving at a much slower pace than we would like, and so an inner focus is still needed to find ways to shift things.
  • We are dealing with a Mutable Grand Cross
    A Mutable Grand Cross is in the sky: the Moon, Sun, and Venus are together at one point of the cross with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune holding the other four points. This Grand Cross may make us feel confused and scattered while simultaneously giving us an unmistakable feeling that changes and shifts are absolutely necessary. Though Gemini is a sign of communication, the Mutable Grand Cross may give us problems maintaining focus where communication is most necessary. Yet we need to hang in there with the faith that we are given what we need to make the changes and shifts required, even if we have no idea how to proceed at the beginning.
  • Venus squares Jupiter
    This unfortunate aspect makes us very disinterested in facing anything tough. And yet interest is precisely what we need, so my advice is: get tough anyway!
  • The Lunation is conjunct Venus
    This is the positive side of the Lunation's predicament. We have the ability to remain calm and gentle and to enjoy nature and relationships that bring us beauty. We are loving and can express ourselves with affection though we should be careful not to be too idealistic.
  • Lunation squares Jupiter
    On the negative side, we may feel apathetic and self-indulgent, prone to excessive behavior.
  • Saturn squares Neptune
    The key to success this lunar month is to focus on the practical side of life even though we might rather ignore and escape it.
  • Jupiter squares Saturn
    Don't make the mistake of
    compare yourself to others. And remember that the work we do this month is its own reward.
  • Venus Opposes Saturn
    It may be difficult to trust other people. Work on developing your own value system, and be compassionate with yourself in the effort.
  • The Lunation opposes Saturn
    A lot of what we are working to change and shift this month comes from long-standing patterns in our past. Though it may feel like forces are stacked against you, it is important to remember that the Universe supports the changes and shifts that are needed. Don't rely on others. Create your own rules and beliefs.

In summary, I am quite humbled to look back upon this lunar month to see how things unfolded, slowly but surely, in little steps that didn't always seem clear at the time of taking them. Change is inevitable and often necessary, but sometimes we don't know what to do to make it happen. I think the lesson of this long retrograde of Mars was that sometimes we have to allow change to happen: change that has been setup in a series of events from the past; change that sometimes feels karmic and inevitable. Yes, there is always something we can do, but sometimes it feels like we spend all our energy just working to bail the water out of the bottom of a sinking boat. Yet when we finally get a moment to rest, we look up in surprise to discover that the boat has gotten to where it needed to go all by itself.

That was my Gemini story this year, in any case. Though many of these Gemini days were frustrating, I find myself smiling with appreciation nearing the end of another phoenix lifetime and wondering what the next one will bring.

A couple ways you might look at this Lunation

  1. You might want to consider what it would mean to leave yourself behind─the self you know so well─in order to accept a new incarnation into the sign of Gemini. What would it be like to be reborn with this New Moon, seeing everything in your life through new filters from the chart you were born with and the personality you have developed through the years. Elisha calls this the principle of multiple incarnations within a single lifetime. Stick with me and Elisha for a year of such Journeys and you will experience what it means to be born into every sign of the Zodiac.

  2. You might wish to study The Lunation Guide and consider that possibly certain lessons are given to us on a planetary level with each New Moon. By following the principles Dane Rudhyar outlined in his classic work The Lunation Cycle , discover what those lessons are. Don't miss the opportunity for spiritual growth that every lunation brings!

Whichever way you choose to experience it, I hope you will leave comments below
sharing your Journey with the Moon through this Gemini Lunation cycle.