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The Taurus Lunation

The Taurus Lunation

The Lunation of Slowing Down!

 Journey Specific Dates as referenced in The Lunation Guide.
New Moon
Mercury & Mars are Rx
Fri─May 6, 2016
First Quarter Moon Fri─May 13, 2016
Full Moon—The Blue Moon Sat─May 21, 2016
Last Quarter Moon Sun─May 29, 2016

                                      Click here to see the chart of the Taurus New Moon.

I'm a little slow in getting this month's lunation letter out. No apologies, though, and let me tell you why!

Last month, in the Lunation of New Beginnings, it felt sort of like we were lining up for a race! The starting flag was in the air, the gun was raised, the referee spoke clearly into the megaphone: "On your mark," ... the crowd hushed, breaths were in-drawn, held ... "get ready," ... tension built, the crowd leaned forward ... "STOP!"  The person behind you probably dropped all 64 ounces of his soft drink on your head and down your shoulders.


Sometimes nature has a way of playing tricks on us. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's to see if we are paying attention. During a lunar month that begins with the Lunation on a Moon Path, it is a very good idea to pay attention to your dreams. I've had quite a few very vivid dreams where everything seems right with the world, and then I wake up, and nothing seems to jive. Have you experienced this? On the other hand, the waking dream seems to be giving out quite the opposite message from what I expect.

Today we were at Publix getting a prescription filled. Danny went in to get it for me while I waited in the car with Jon, our Chihuahua. After a few minutes the phone rang. It was my insurance company responding to a call I had put in several weeks ago. I was approaching that insurance gap sometimes called "the doughnut hole." You young folks won't have to worry about this for some years to come, but for us old folks, the doughnut hole is when you reach a certain point when insurance won't cover as much as it did in the beginning of the year, for the rest of the year. Bummer. But there are some benefits if you know where to look. The company that makes my insulin will give free insulin to people in the doughnut hole. The only thing required is that you have a letter from your insurance company saying you are, in fact, IN the doughnut hole.

Last year, it took several weeks and three phone calls to supervisors at my insurance company before I could get them to write a letter to my insulin provider proving I had entered the doughnut hole. So this year, I got started early. I contacted them two weeks ago. So the phone rings, today, while Danny is in the pharmacy. The lady says, "Hello Zy, I see that you are in the doughnut hole and we wanted to avoid the trouble you went through last year." I was in the process of taking a sip of water and almost choked. Trust me. This is as startling as the phone company calling you to predict you will have phone trouble next week, but don't worry, they are sending someone out to take care of it now. The sort of thing that might happen in dreams, but how often in "real life?"

I asked her when I had gone into the doughnut hole. She said, "Just a moment please, let me check." Then she comes back, sounding a bit haunted, "Well, it looks like you just entered it a couple minutes ago." I had, in fact. With the prescription Danny had JUST paid for in the pharmacy. The sweet lady promises she will get a letter off to my insulin provider tomorrow and I hang up, pondering the nature of "reality."

How on earth did this happen? And what does this have to do with slowing down, when it seems like a leap into the future? Has time gone crazy or something? Here's the secret. By starting the process a couple weeks ago, I had actually begun to visualize that everything would work out more smoothly this year. Visualizing during a time of inner planet retrogrades brings much quicker results than anything you can do on the outer. I'll be writing more about this next week in my blog.

But my point is, just when it seems like everything slows down to a crawl or even stops, and all plans seem to be coming to an absolute halt, the truth is: nature reveals everything is happening exactly according to its time, regardless of whether it agrees with what you think your timing is! It's amazing, actually, when you don't think about it. All you have to do is pay attention!

Well, that's not all you have to do. This lunar month requires that you know what it means to do inner work, as some of the following will try to explain.


What begins with the new moon swells to the full.
Here are some things to consider when traveling this Moon's Journey:

  • The Lunation occurs on a Moon Path
    As last month, this lends spiritual significance that adds the qualities and nuances of The Moon─sometimes subtly, sometimes less so─to everything that follows. Rather than list those qualities here, I have taken them into consideration in the following descriptions.
          But if you want a jump on things, watch your dreams, which includes watching your waking life as if it too were a dream. Because, in fact, it is.

  • This is the Taurus Lunation and Mercury & Mars are Rx
    Taurus is the slowest sign in the zodiac. It doesn't mean STOP though things may sometimes feel like they are grinding to a halt. In actuality they are just moving at a much slower pace than expected, and because of the retrogrades of Mercury and Mars, much of the movement is inner movement. What does this mean? It means the inner worlds are very active and those who know how to perceive and negotiate them are the ones who will have the best time of it this lunar month. Others may feel frustrated and experience obstacles. But let's move on ... slowly.

  • The Lunation makes a Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. The stronger of the two trines is with Pluto. And Pluto also trines the Moon's North Node in Virgo.
    Trines are free flowing energy. This is energy that is easy to catch and take advantage of. This particular combination is focused on our leadership potential. A new phoenix born under this lunation has intense power based on a natural ability to understand what motivates other people and strong intuition on when to be assertive and when to compromise. It also opens an confident channel to the future, so that in applying ourselves to the job at hand we are able to be at ease: even when we don't see immediate results, our efforts will pay off.

  • Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces.
    A phoenix born in this lunation has great artistic talent, though there is a mirror principle involved. It may appear that it is a partner that has the talent, when, in fact, what we are seeing is our own potential. This Moon challenges us to develop our talents and use them in creative ways.
  • The Lunation is inconjunct Saturn Rx in Sagittarius
    This makes us cautious about trying new things or taking risks. At the same time, we may feel it's difficult to follow rules and regulations in life. Although this is not a great feeling it can be taken as a wake up call that lets us know in what areas of our lives we need to incorporate reasonable structure and cooperate with it once established.
  • Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn Rx in Sagittarius
    This aspect may take the mirror principle above and cause us to focus positive energy in a negative way. In other words, seeing the abilities of others could make us feel insufficient to our own goals. This too is a wake up call. If you find yourself feeling this way or putting yourself down for any reason, hear the alarm ring. Wake up and remember that it is important to believe in your own abilities. Others may not recognize greatness in anything we do, particularly at this time. That's okay. The reward is in the work itself. Where we are and what we can do right now is the important thing. Let tomorrow take care of itself.
  • The dominant Mode is Mutable almost in a tie with Fixed
    It seems like things could change any moment. That it's just about to happen. But it keeps on not quite happening. That's just another reminder to slow down. Put your feet on the ground. Look down and around you, not up. Get grounded.

  • The dominant Element is Earth
    In fact, it will benefit us all to sit down on the ground, literally. Get in touch with the earth. Work in the garden, getting all earthy with fresh smelling dirt. Taurus is the sign of Fixed Earth. There is no greater sign under which to get in touch with Mother Nature.

  • Not much Water in the Chart
    And though it is true that intuition is strong throughout this cycle, such intuition does not come through feelings in the way you might expect. It comes through earthiness. Through touch. Through being grounded. Trust me in this. Put your feet and hands down on and in the earth and let it whisper great wisdom directly into your body. This isn't a wisdom we feel emotionally. It is tactile, and something we smell when digging through richly decaying leaves. It is something ancient that preserves and passes on what only the Earth knows and holds to herself. Yet she will share when she finds you willing and worthy. When we are willing to listen and breathe.

  • Mercury will come to Station on May 22nd the day after the Full Moon, and then slowly begin forward motion out of retrograde.
    And yet it will take a while before communication might feel normal again. That's okay. You may continue with your inner work. All these lessons are to remind us of a Universal Law: As within, So without. What we See today is a reflection of all that we believed yesterday. And what we will See tomorrow is a reflection of today.
         And so it is.

All of this sums up to flashing yellow lights that say: slow down. As an aside I'll tell you a funny story that happens to be true. On Monday, April 25th, just over a week before the Taurus Lunation, I was driving to a restaurant after a doctor's appointment when I was pulled over by a sheriff who, fortunately for me, was a very nice man in a rather understanding mood. He said I was going 5 miles over the school zone speed limit. Didn't I notice the yellow flashing lights? I told him, "No sir. I'm sorry. I didn't."
      He gave me a warning ticket.
      This is another indication of the signs we might notice in the waking dream if we are paying attention!

A couple ways you might look at this Lunation

  1. You might want to consider what it would mean to leave yourself behind─the self you know so well─in order to accept a new incarnation into the sign of Taurus. What would it be like to be reborn with this New Moon, seeing everything in your life through new filters from the chart you were born with and the personality you have developed through the years. Elisha calls this the principle of multiple incarnations within a single lifetime. Stick with me and Elisha for a year of such Journeys and you will experience what it means to be born into every sign of the Zodiac.

  2. You might wish to study The Lunation Guide and consider that possibly certain lessons are given to us on a planetary level with each New Moon. By following the principles Dane Rudhyar outlined in his classic work The Lunation Cycle , discover what those lessons are. Don't miss the opportunity for spiritual growth that every lunation brings!

Whichever way you choose to experience it, I hope you will leave comments below
sharing your Journey with the Moon through this Taurus Lunation cycle.