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The Aries Lunation

The Aries Lunation

The Lunation of New Beginnings

 Journey Specific Dates as referenced in The Lunation Guide.
New Moon Thu─April 7, 2016
First Quarter Moon Wed─April 13, 2016
Full Moon Fri─April 22, 2016
Last Quarter Moon
Mercury Rx Begins
Fri─April 29, 2016

                                      Click here to see the chart of the Aries New Moon.

Every Spring the world around us is reborn. Flowers and new grasses re-cover the earth, trees awaken from long slumber through Winter and grow bright new leaves. Thus Aries is the sign of new beginnings as evidenced by Nature all around us. Aries is the child of the Zodiac, bursting with limitless energy. An Aries is blunt, restless, innocent, and self-involved. The goal is self-discovery through action, courageously─sometimes rambunctiously!─willing to accept any new challenge that comes along, or to create one if it isn't there!
      Are you ready to take a risk, start something new, be physical, confident, and bold? Now is your chance to do it! And what better time than now?
Indeed ... an Aries knows no other time!

What begins with the new moon swells to the full.
Here are some things to consider when traveling this Moon's Journey:

  • The Lunation occurs on a Moon Path
    This lends spiritual significance that adds the qualities and nuances of The Moon─sometimes subtly, sometimes less so─to everything that follows. Rather than list those qualities here, I have taken them into consideration in the following descriptions.

  • The Lunation squares Pluto
    Here lies perhaps the greatest challenge of this lunar lifetime: the intensity of our emotions. Drama abounds, appears from nowhere, and catches us up with a tendency to explode! Well, an Aries loves a good fight but not to the extent that one's self gets utterly lost in the power of it. There are two lessons for us here. 1) We need to learn how to compromise. And 2) it is better to direct emotional intensity into creative pursuit than to lose one's self in drama with others.

  • Jupiter squares Saturn
    Those born under this aspect may have a poor understanding of their own abilities. An Aries is innocent and may naively expect others to reward us for what we do. It would be nice to think that when this doesn't happen it isn't personal. But everything is personal to an Aries. The lesson here is to not put yourself down and to not expect recognition from others. "I work to reward myself," should be the motto of the Aries phoenix in this cycle. It isn't selfish. It's self-fulfilling. 

  • The Lunation trines Saturn
    This aspect supplies us with what we need to overcome the one I just discussed. It gives us the ability to stay organized and work consistently toward success. This gift of self-confidence eases any burden of responsibility and allows us to build solid foundations, security, and firm footing.

  • The dominant Mode is Cardinal
    Cardinal quality is the natural ability to initiate, to start something, to get things going. This Moon is full of drive and ambition. No one accepting a birth in this cycle is going to sit around waiting for something to happen. Feel it and move it. What a way to be, right?

  • The dominant Element is Fire
    Be spontaneous, creative, self-sufficient, and ... well ... sexy! The energy of this Moon is strong and contagious. Whatever you do, have fun!

  • Nothing at all in Air
    There aren't any "thinkers" in this bunch! But maybe intellectualism is overrated. There will be a time for thinking, just not in this lifetime! Don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean we aren't smart. We just don't have to think about it to get there! Jump in, don't analyze. That's what this Aries lifetime is all about! There is plenty of Earth in this cycle to keep us grounded. That's all we need anyway, right?

  • Mercury is "slowing down" and will retrograde with the Last Quarter Moon
    For the first three weeks of this cycle things are going to feel pretty "normal." But then, Mercury does that retrograde thing again. It's okay. Really it is. Just be ready for it. How do you do that? Know what Mercury Rx means, intuitively. It means the Universe isn't focused on the smooth functioning of outer reality in the way humans are comfortable perceiving it. It means that Time requires us to focus inward every so often to remember that our highest reality isn't out there. It's inside. All of our connections are inside. So why get upset if the phone stops working or your computer glitches or someone just doesn't hear what you are saying? The prime message of Mercury retrograde is this: if you check in with your inner world, you'll See that everything really is okay.
          The last week of this cycle is a preview of what is coming in the next lunation, when Mercury will be retrograde for more than half the lunar month! But don't worry about it now. Save it for our next lifetime in Taurus.
          When the Last Quarter Moon arrives, maybe we'll talk about this a little more. To get ready for what is to come.

All of this sums up to moving forward. Don't wait for the pack, lead it. But lead with feelings and intuition more than thought. Trust your instincts and nurture your environment. Care for others and trust in family─not only your blood relations, but your extended family, which includes in the largest sense the Earth and everyone on it. You won't think about this, of course. Just keep your feet on the ground and the best things will happen. You'll see!

A couple ways you might look at this Lunation

  1. You might want to consider what it would mean to leave yourself behind─the self you know so well─in order to accept a new incarnation into the sign of Aries. What would it be like to be reborn with this New Moon, seeing everything in your life through new filters from the chart you were born with and the personality you have developed through the years. Elisha calls this the principle of multiple incarnations within a single lifetime. Stick with me and Elisha for a year of such Journeys and you will experience what it means to be born into every sign of the Zodiac.

  2. You might wish to study The Lunation Guide and consider that possibly certain lessons are given to us on a planetary level with each New Moon. By following the principles Dane Rudhyar outlined in his classic work The Lunation Cycle , discover what those lessons are. Don't miss the opportunity for spiritual growth that every lunation brings!

Whichever way you choose to experience it, I hope you will leave comments below
sharing your Journey with the Moon through this Aries Lunation cycle.