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Lunation Letters Discontinued

Hello everyone,

After a great deal of thought and soul searching, I have decided to discontinue the Lunations section of elishans. There are quite a few reasons and I'll tell you what they are plus a little about what I might be doing instead in times to come.

I am 63 years old; I'll be 64 March 31st 2017. My health isn't as good as it once was, and thus I have a lot less physical energy than I once did. So I have to make a careful assessment of all things I engage myself with and the determining factor for me is how much I love it. I do dearly love the principles of the Lunation Cycle given to us by Dane Rudhyar, and the work I continued using that as a base to examine the Phoenix Miracle, the principle that Elisha taught me. We are in a time where karma moves so swiftly that people absorb more than one lifetime's worth of experience during a single life. I still believe in Elisha's principle of many incarnations into a single physical body. I practice it in my own life—lives! The phoenix principle and phoenix miracle is with me more than ever before. However, I am dropping the model of "incarnating as a new phoenix into a new sign of the Zodiac" as a way to try out the phoenix experience. Why? ...

There are many signs, but chief among them is the increasing emotional resistance I have felt to write each Lunation Letter as the New Moon approached. I believe in the power of the New Moon—the Dark Moon—now more than ever. I still think it is important to be aware of the passing of the Moon through her shapes and stages in the monthly Lunation cycle. But I no longer have the energy to teach it. There is so much I want to do and I can't afford to continue anything that gives me an emotional resistance to visit elishans!

So I am going to leave Lunations in the menu for a bit, then I will drop it into a sub-menu under "River." All the Lunation Letters I wrote this year will still be available there, should someone choose to read them.

What will I replace Lunations with in the menu?

Future Possibility:

I'm thinking "Magic!" As in Dion Fortune's definition of the word: "Magic is the ability to change one's consciousness at will." Now that is something I'm really interested in. It is something I have studied and practiced for the last 47 years. Magic is a big part of my life. As much as Oracles and Reiki, I would like to teach Magic to everyone who believes in consciousness and the ability to change it and everything else in life as a result.

What would you like to learn about Magic? Are you interested in Moon Magic—the enhancement of Magic based on the karmic conditions of Time, especially on Dark and Full Moons? (Comment below if you are!)

Or comment below to let me know what you are interested in that we could explore together.

But I'll keep this in the "Previews of Coming Attractions" column. For now.

Meanwhile, I will be putting more focus on my blog, Journey. That is the landing page of the site and the part of this Work I think is most important. I plan to blog often about the little things and the big things, whatever occurs to me to speak about in this fast-changing world. Each article will always have a spiritual and metaphysical focus, the same as you have come to expect from me. I will start this week with an article entitled, "I Will Not Live In Fear."

Thank you for all your support and for the many times you have visited elishans. I hope you will continue to visit more and more often, and to leave comments that will help us all explore metaphysics and spirituality to a greater depth.

Ever yours,

Come Journey with me, there is so much to See!