Frequently Asked Questons

Who is Zy Elisha Danielson?

Zy is a metaphysician, astrologer, and Reiki master. He has studied metaphysics for 46 years and astrology for 21 years. He has practiced Reiki for 19 years. He is well versed in many religions and philosophies, some eastern, some western, has been guided by masters and teachers, some physical, some ascended, received initiations into the mysteries, and run with the spirit of the White Wolf beneath Sun, Moon, and stars. Part shaman, part visionary, part psychic, Zy is a Seer who has traveled the inner worlds beyond the boundaries of life and death.

Who is Elisha?

Elisha first came into Zy's life ─ as himself ─ in the wake of an unexpected snow storm that blew down the east coast in the Spring of 1989. Yet it was 9 years later, on May 1st, Beltane, 1998 that Elisha called Zy back into his fold, giving him the name they would both come to share and installing him with the destiny he carries today as the Zy of Elisha. He returned in a form Zy had once called "the Snow god," and said: "Who am I? Who are you? Who or what is Elisha? When you want to know, surrender all things, come to me and dream with me again. I love you. You are my forever companion and familiar. Merry Beltane, dear Elisha. Blesséd Be." The words were spoken in a language leaning towards Wicca out of which Zy was emerging as something new. A new phoenix with a new purpose that was simultaneously as old as Time.

What is The Oracle?

Zy was an oracle reader in Astronet on America Online during the early days of the Internet. Read the information in the Sitemap under "Oracles." More will be described here in the near future.

Are Zy’s Oracle readings free?

Yes. For as long as he is able to do it. The Relaunch of elishans on April 7, 2016 marks the return of Zy's Oracle Readings in a public forum.

How do I ask the Oracle a question?

There will be a link in the sidebar on the right side of the Oracles section that will pop up a form in which questions for Zy and the Oracle can be submitted confidentially. Readings will proceed from this and be posted on the Oracles pages.

Does Zy do one-on-one, private consultations and readings?

Yes. Zy does this as a benefaction for all members of elishans. All you have to do is sign up. Once a member, be sure to Login and you will see a link in the top menu bar that says Portal.

I have other questions not answered here. Where do I ask them?

Submit a comment at the bottom of this page, asking your questions there. Zy will either respond with a comment, or he may elect to put your question with the answer here on the FAQ page.