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New Website Host, New Possibilities

New Website Host, New Possibilities

Sometimes when I am dreaming up new things I can do for elishans, I consider how I can make it all happen. Should I purchase new software─a new extension─something out there already written that might implement what inspiration is brewing? Having spent so much of this lifetime as a programmer, oftentimes I have wished I could just write the software myself, but was limited by the programming languages the original hosting company of elishans provided. Unfortunately, ColdFusion, the Internet application development environment I have worked with for the last 12 years wasn't one of my options. Until now!

After careful consideration and deliberation, I decided to change hosting companies and as of today, July 27th, I am happy to announce elishans is now hosted by a provider that supports ColdFusion. This means my dreams are no longer limited by what software I might find out there that is already written. Now I have the option to dream up applications that will do exactly what I want them to do for you and, when necessary, write the code myself to make it possible! This is a very exciting time for me as well as for elishans.

What applications do I have in mind? To start with, you'll notice I seem to have taken a long time to develop the Reiki portion of the site. There is a reason for this, and I hope you will agree it's a very good one! If you click the Reiki option in the menu above, you'll see two of the things I want you to be able to do here: Receive Reiki Now and Send Reiki Now. Yes, I could write articles for these things that are guided meditations for you to follow along. But I've hesitated because that might make the process too passive to be as effective as I hope your experience will be. Now I will be able to write an interactive application that will make your experience of sending and receiving Reiki so powerful that you will want to return again and again to make use of these special tools.

Notice the final option in that Reiki dropdown menu: Get Attuned! Part of my intention as a Reiki Master is to provide a way for as many people to become attuned to Reiki I, II, and III as feel called to participate in the Re-Kei as attuned Reiki Practitioners. The Internet is the foremost invention of the Aquarian Age. It is only fitting that you should be able to receive the training you need to do what your heart desires right here on the Internet. I don't know how many other Reiki Masters currently offer attunement to the three levels of Reiki practitioner-ship via the Internet, but I'm sure there will be many more as the years bring us further into the Age of Aquarius. Perhaps you'll be one of those Reiki Masters, and perhaps you'll begin your journey right here on elishans. Or perhaps you'll want to learn to send and receive Reiki just to help yourself and the ones you love. All of that can also begin right here on this website.

To accomplish it, I will now have the capability to write interactive applications as well as articles and guides that will assist in getting out this important message and spreading this method of healing to the world.

Yes, it may take a bit more time to do it this way. Tonight, while listening to President Obama speak, I was reminded that the doing of great and important things often takes more time than we wish it would. (Especially those of you who may share my birth sign of Aries, or a Mars Path, or other strong Mars influence in your charts!) I'm 63 years old, but don't know of any more important use of my time than to spend it on you, to bring you methods and tools to help heal the worlds around us as well as inside. For our inner worlds are in need of constant nurturing, healing, and cleansing if we are to grow into our fullest potential.

So bear with me as I continue working hard to develop these tools for you. These are some of the Paths we can walk together as we move into the future.

Journey on!

~ Zy

"Life changes when you love what you love
more than you hate what you hate."

~ Elisha