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Initiations: The Owl

Initiations: The Owl

Sunday morning, July 3, 2016 at 6:35am

A huge, horned owl flew up and perched on my next door neighbor's rooftop. I could see her through the top window over my door. She sat there and stared at me. It gave me chills.

Owl is the symbol of Athena, the goddess of Reason, Courage, Inspiration, Civilization, Intelligence, Law, Mathematics, Justice, the Arts, and Literature. She is the virgin goddess, eternally Innocent. Owl is also a symbol of death and rebirth, of Seeing into the Mysteries, Ruler of the Night, Seer of Souls, Keeper of Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge, Messenger of Secrets, Kin to Sorcerers, Companion to Seers, Mystics, and Medicine People. A Witch's Familiar coming from a Place of Wholeness, speaking the language of Trees, the Wind, the Moon, the Sky.

I drew up a chart of the moment she landed on the roof. The chart brings my Uranus to the 1st House, my Sun to the 10th, my Mercury to the 9th, Jupiter, my Path Ruler, to the 11th. It is sudden change, divinely mandated career, getting out the message of a teacher and philosopher, the coming of that message to society and the world. My natal chart brings the Owl's Moon exactly to my Midheaven, the place where all things shine most brightly.

The Owl signifies the birth and creation of the Zy of Elisha.

*     *     *

I wanted to share that entry from my diary with you. In upcoming months and years I will be teaching about Initiations. In the days of the Pisces Era, initiations were given by Masters, Priests, or Priestesses to students who studied for many years to earn them. The Master would see when a student was ready and initiate them into the mysteries by degrees. In the coming Age of Aquarius, things will work differently.

Initiations don't come from Masters. Nor can any Master, teacher, teaching, church, temple, lodge or organization withhold an initiation from one who is ready to receive it. Initiations come from Life itself. It is our task to know how to recognize and receive them. There is an art to the mystery of receiving and understanding spiritual initiations. It is an art anyone can learn.

I am a Reiki Master, meaning I have received a level III attunement to this method of stress reduction, relaxation, and spiritual healing. Traditionally, Reiki practitioners are initiated by a series of rituals called attunements. With Reiki I, the practitioner can perform Reiki for self and others by laying on of hands in a therapeutic setting. With Reiki II, the practitioner gains the ability to "send" Reiki across any distance, so that the one receiving the treatment does not have to be in the same room. With Reiki III, one attains "Master" status and is able to teach and attune others to Reiki I, II, and III.

This week I will be publishing articles about Reiki that you can find through the menu at the top. You will see it is my intention to take Reiki into the Aquarian Age by providing methods whereby anyone can send Reiki to others in need, or receive it, whether attuned to Reiki I, II, III, or not! I will also be teaching how to prepare for these attunements, which are really initiations, and how to receive them directly from Life itself. With the use of the Portal, I will provide all that is needed to learn Reiki, receive the attunements, and perform Reiki treatments either for yourself or for others, plants, and animals─anything that is part of Gaia can send and receive Reiki to any other part of Gaia. It is only a matter of learning how to do it, and then practicing what is learned.

All spiritual initiations into any and all mysteries work this way. I will teach anyone who is interested to learn the process and way of Initiation.

Stay tuned!

Love and Light,

"Life changes when you love what you love
more than you hate what you hate."

~ Elisha