Elishans is Live!

With the Full Moon

of the Aries Lunation Cycle

the Lunation of New Beginnings

elishans.org is live!

A quick update on my eye surgery. I'm not supposed to be on the computer yet. Shhh, don't tell the doc! I'm only here for a moment! Next week, just about coinciding with the Last Quarter Moon and Mercury station retrograde, I'll be "cleared" to read and use the computer again! Hooray! There is life after eye surgery! I realize there are still several areas of the site needing some article writing, but hey! Mercury Rx is just the time to finish things up that one has started. So, like it or not, we always move in time with the stars! Bear with me just a bit longer and I'll get this whole thing going!

What you are seeing now is a preview of things to come. This page, which is really a blog, will be the landing page of the site. I have called it "Journey" because it marks the daily and weekly journeys I take in my own life as I share what it is like and what it means to be traveling this path I travel with Elisha as my guide. Every time I have thoughts and musings on spiritual or daily life subjects, I'll be blogging about it here in Journey. This is where you will find my response to the invitation:

Come Journey with me, there is so much to See!

Like blogs everywhere you will be able to leave comments, sharing your own insights, thoughts, and reactions to my words and sometimes the words of Elisha, because I'm sure he'll have things to say here also. I'll be doing a lot of blogging about the teachings of Elisha.

And what else will be here on elishans? Click the different menu links and explore, or head straight to the Sitemap page, to see a summary of what all the links do, where they go, and what is available here.

More to come, every day.

Journey On!

~ Zy

"Life changes when you love what you love
more than you hate what you hate."

~ Elisha